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Air Pollution Control
System Design Support Services

Baghouse Duct Design dot Com offers our services and expertise to fit your needs. On site evaluation of existing systems is our speciality. We welcome the challenges of retrofits, where sometimes through fan speed changes, filtration device modifications and redesign of duct / hoods , we can make a dysfunctional system function. MSHA training current for above/below ground, metal, non metal and coal mine entry.

Baghouse Duct Design dot Com

We apply decades of Air Pollution Control System Desgin experience to assure you of a successful installation. Contact us for a FREE initial consultation ! [email protected]
New Installations


Retrofit of Existing Air Pollution Control System


Used Equipment Feasibility Studies

Maintenance Advisement

Development of Specifications

Expansion Cost Planning and Feasibility Review
Selection of air flows with design of pick up hoods.
Selection of duct diameters for appropriate velocities.

Summation of pressure drops required to select fan appropriate for your flow, pressure and elevation.
Advise best method of filtration ( Baghouse Dust Collector, Cartridge Collector, Venturi Scrubber, Smog-Hog Electrostatic Precipitator, Cyclone , Oil Mist Media Collector or Shaker ).
PDF Sketch of system, Hand Pencil or Electronic CAD.
Typically requires site visit, though can be supported through phone/internet in some cases.

Evaluate existing; duct system , air pollution control device as well as, existing fan flow, pressure and speed
Advise feasibility of retrofitting existing system through changes to; fan, duct / hoods and air pollution control device.

PDF Sketch of duct system modifications, Hand Pencil or Electronic CAD.